What’s the Purpose of an Excel Helper Column?

What’s the Purpose of an Excel Helper Column? An Excel helper column serves as an additional column within your data solely intended to simplify calculations or analyses.

Purpose of an Excel Helper Column?

This additional column is a common technique in Excel, streamlining complex formulas and making them more manageable.

For instance, consider a scenario where I have a table of employees and aim to retrieve the salary of Rahul, a Senior Analyst.

While it’s possible to achieve this using a single VLOOKUP formula, employing a helper column significantly eases the process.

By introducing a helper column that combines the employee’s name and designation, this concatenated column becomes the basis for the lookup operation.

Helper columns aren’t exclusive to data tables; they are also beneficial when creating Excel charts, enabling the incorporation of unique functionalities.

For visual examples of how helper columns enhance charts, refer to the provided illustrations.

In essence, this serves as a concise introduction to the utility of helper columns in Excel. Should you have any queries related to this topic or other Excel VBA matters, feel free to inquire in the comments below.

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