Delivery & Payment

Electronic delivery:

purchased products will be emailed on the day your order is confirmed.
Our staff will try to deliver the goods as quickly as possible to customers who order at the website and via email

License key/serial number emailed within 30 minutes to 6 hours after purchase during normal business hours (6am – 8pm). *
After-hours permits and weekend orders are emailed up to 6 hours after purchase before 8 PM. Remaining permits will be emailed the next morning.
For weekend orders placed after 8pm, permits will be emailed the next day by 12pm.


We accept payments via PayPal

Payment for all products must be made in full, at the time of order, by any online payment method available on the website.
We will not deliver any product before the credit/debit card transaction has been authorized.
We will not deliver products if it has any evidence or suspicion that a credit/debit card is being used fraudulently.
We will pass on all information it holds about a customer on request by the police or other authorities where a credit/debit card has been used to commit fraud or any other crime.
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