How to insert radio button in Microsoft Word document?

To insert radio buttons in a Microsoft Word document, you can use ActiveX controls or utilize third-party tools like Kutools for Word. Here are two methods to accomplish this:

Insert One Radio Button with ActiveX Control in Word:

  1. Enable Developer Tab: Click on “File” > “Options” to open the Word Options dialog box. In the Word Options dialog box, select “Customize Ribbon” from the left sidebar. Check the “Developer” option in the right box, then click “OK.”
  2. Insert Radio Button:
    • Click on the “Developer” tab in the Word Ribbon.
    • In the “Controls” group, click on “Legacy Tools” and select “Option Button” (radio button) from the drop-down menu.
    • Click on the location in the document where you want to insert the radio button. This will insert a single radio button.
  3. Edit Radio Button:
    • Right-click on the radio button and select “OptionButton Object” > “Edit” from the context menu.
    • Enter the desired text for the radio button.
  4. Insert Multiple Radio Buttons: Repeat steps 2-3 to insert and edit additional radio buttons as needed.
  5. Exit Design Mode: Once all radio buttons are inserted and edited, click on “Developer” > “Design Mode” to exit design mode and make the radio buttons selectable.
How to insert radio button in Microsoft Word document

How to insert radio button in Microsoft Word document
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