How to Insert a Watermark in Excel

How to Insert a Watermark in Excel. A watermark, whether it’s a transparent image or text, sits subtly in the background of a document.

It serves several purposes, such as safeguarding the document by adding copyright details or indicating confidentiality, drafts, samples, or versions. Additionally, it can even function as a branding tool by incorporating a company logo. While Excel lacks a built-in watermark feature, users have various methods to add, format, replace, and remove watermarks using images and text within a spreadsheet.

How to Insert a Watermark in Excel

Here are simplified steps to easily add, format, replace, and delete watermarks in Excel.

Adding a Watermark as an Image Using Header & Footer

  1. Navigate to the “Insert” tab and click on the “Text” icon in the ribbon, selecting the “Header & Footer” option.
  2. Within the “Header & Footer Elements” group on the ribbon, click on the “Picture” icon.
  3. Choose the desired image for the watermark from the “Insert Pictures” dialog box and click “Insert.”
  4. Initially, the image will appear as &[Picture] in the center header box, not immediately reflecting on the worksheet.
  5. To reposition the watermark, place the cursor before the &[Picture] code and press enter multiple times to shift its placement.
  6. Finally, click outside the header cell area, and your added image watermark should now be visible.

How to Insert a Watermark in Excel. Creating a watermark in Excel not only enhances the document’s professionalism but also safeguards it against misuse. Experimenting with various images or text allows you to craft a suitable watermark, boosting credibility and deterring unauthorized document use.

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