How to export and print comments only in Word?

Exporting and printing comments only in Word can be achieved through various methods. Below, I’ll outline three approaches for exporting comments:

  1. Exporting Comments Manually in Word:

    • Click on the comment you want to export.
    • Press Ctrl+C to copy the comment.
    • Navigate to the desired location in your document.
    • Right-click and choose “Paste” to insert the comment.
    • Repeat these steps for each comment you wish to export.

      How to export and print comments only in Word

      How to export and print comments only in Word

    Note: This method requires manually copying and pasting each comment individually, which can be time-consuming if there are many comments.

  2. Exporting Comments with VBA:

    • Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic for Applications window.
    • Click on “Module” from the Insert tab and paste the following VBA code into the Module window.
    • Click the “Run” button to execute the VBA code.
    Sub ExportComments()
    Dim s As String
    Dim cmt As Word.Comment
    Dim doc As Word.Document
    For Each cmt In ActiveDocument.Comments
    s = s & cmt.Initial & cmt.Index & "," & cmt.Range.Text & vbCr
    Set doc = Documents.Add
    doc.Range.Text = s
    End Sub

    This VBA code will export all comments in the active document to a new document.
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